Why losing your Job is a good thing!

Why losing your Job is a good thing!

Let me start off...

by saying that there is better things in life than losing your job (obviously) - especially when you get fired. Not knowing what´s next can cause us feelings of slight anxiety, self-pity and shame.

I only met very few people in my life, who admitted honestly and forthrightly, when asked, that they lost their jobs due to termination. To fail is still off-limits in the modern business world. As long as there is no one else to blame, we remain silent or deck it out rather than owning it...


Owning what? 

Owning that you haven´t been the best version of yourself why so ever. Owning that you weren´t able to meet your company´s or bosses expectations. Owning that you didn´t really feel like a perfect fit to your team the whole time. Owning that there were tasks you felt overwhelmed with and couldn´t manage to keep up with - or owning that you felt unchallenged and bored most of the time. A job is a job is a job. It´s not always life fulfilling - which makes it even harder sometimes, if you´re person who is seeking reason in the things you do. I can sing a song of that.

I have to admit: Job titles and the general expectations of starting and following a career appealed to me too after graduating from college. But it didn´t take long - about three months -until an underlying feeling of discomfort and being "in the wrong place" occurred and never left me, until I left the job. I wanted to move on and restart in a younger company. Something, I thought, I could identify with...

It took me almost two more years, two more jobs and two terminations, until I realised these terminations were gifts and chances to take a step closer to my truth, which I didn´t dare to take myself at that time. So after my second termination I was ready to face my truth and overcome my confusion and self-doubt. My body told me already in the first place: After every termination I felt released and freed. But again: General expectations which I still held deep inside of me told me different and interrupted my trust in my own truth. I felt like I failed and was different than other people. Different than my coworkers, who always made it look like they loved working over-hours and pretended to be highly committed to their job, while I felt like the company is highly exploiting young people seeking for a chance to proof themselves...

So losing my job was a big time wake-up call slapping me right in the face and saying

"Why are you still here? You didn´t have the balls to go, so now they make you go! Perfect, so you don´t have to take the blame of leaving a financial secure situation not knowing what´s next!"

The thing I learned though was:

Giving away your power over your own decisions and gut feeling sucks. It doesn´t feel like your own choice anymore.

I felt pushed out of my job, rather than leaving it freely. But then I started owning it. Owning that I was too unexperienced and insecure to just leave the job I didn´t like the whole time. And I forgave myself. I started owning, that I wasn´t "good enough" for the jobs - not good enough, because I wasn´t into selling "flash sale products". Not good enough, because I wasn´t driven by working as fast as I could to raise the company´s numbers. I wasn´t into lunches at my desk and staying until 8pm, only so I could compete with my coworkers. 

I realised instead what I was into: Working creatively, having the freedom to make my own choices and working at hours on my terms. I am not made for the 9-5 office job. Sure, maybe I had bad luck and there are other companies out there, where I would have felt the way I wanted to feel. I´m not denying that.

But I needed a change, and I needed to give myself the attempt to find out what else is possible. I decided to keep my eyes and ears wide open and to look for anything but another startup job with a temporary contract. And shortly after I found what I was looking for...(tbc)

Losing my previous jobs make me realise what went wrong and what I needed to change for myself, to be a happier person. Losing my jobs gave me time to to think - time I wasn´t able to take for myself while working. Losing my jobs made me realise, that a job is still just a job and there are more important things in life to nourish and take time for. It made me realise that I will never sell my own interests again and pretend anything I´m not.

I am positive now that there is a job for everyone that suits their talents and drive. Always trust your calling (or at least acknowledge when you don´t feel at the right place) and give it a shot. Think about what it needs for you to be happy. Does the job itself doesn´t fulfill, inspire, or challenge you to grow? Is it the people or the work environment you don´t feel comfortable in? For those of you who feel stuck right now: Keep listening! And trust me, you can always manage to live with less money for a while (as long as you have access to welfare support) rather than continously stressing out over a job you don´t like working for. You own yourself to try everything to be the best version you can be - and this is to be happy. It´s not about being pumped at all times or just "having fun" everyday at your job. But it´s about a deeper happiness inside of you, that you feel like you made the right choices in your own interests and to feel like you´re growing and evolving in the direction you wish to grow. 

Sara Umbreit

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